'Tender Foot' Pre-school, a home away from home for Tender Ones

Some special features of Tender Foot School:

The child is the centre of learning. Every activity, every song, every picture, every game is focused towards the child's comprehension.

Activity based:

  • What are they learning?
  • Do Activities have a purpose?
  • Do children have a choice of activities?
  • Is it interesting, challenging, engaging and relevant to the child's life?
Positive Parenting:

The school extends its wing on positive parenting which will be in the form of workshops for parents to learn more about themselves as parents and handle their children in a better way and promote overall development of their child to face the challenges of modern society. Unless a parent understands a child, the child will not learn to understand itself and others.

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An appropriate place to place the tender foot : This is no flattery but words from sheer experience. My granddaughter, Agneya Rai joined the nursery section of this school at the age of 2 ½ yrs.