Aparna K.S. and Manoj M Jakati parents of Chi. Manish MJ share their experience with Tenderfoot Pre-school.

In the year 2011, we moved from Bangalore to Mangalore for the period of 2 years consequent to transfer and posting to Mangalore. We were looking for a pre-school for our 2 year old son in and around Bejai. Our search was for a pre-school which could train him for highly competitive school admission tests at Bangalore when we return after two years. We surveyed many preschools in and around Bejai and Lady hill area and finally selected Tenderfoot Preschool after interacting with the administration of the school.

In the first year at Tenderfoot, our son not only learnt the basic steps of preschool like day-to-day conversation, interaction with other kids, rhymes, numbers, alphabets etc., but surprised us by telling about lot more things which we had neither taught at home nor had we expected him to learn at school. He used to talk about saving water, praying at different places of worship, pollution by bursting crackers and many more such things he learnt at school. This was possible because of importance given in the school for healthy habits, field trips, fancy dress competitions and various events observed throughout the year which kids enjoyed and learnt new things.

In the second year, i.e., in Mont-1, he learnt writing alphabets in capital, small and cursive letters in English, alphabets in Hindi and Kannada, conversation in Hindi and simple mathematics. He was taught to talk fearlessly on various occasions which made him confident to interact with others.

Applications were called for LKG and UKG admissions for the academic year 2013-14, in one of the reputed schools in Bangalore during September 2012. We know that the number of applications received by the school would be many times more than the available seats. Hence, we were ready to admit him for LKG, if he is not considered for UKG. Thanks to Tenderfoot, our son easily completed his written and oral examination and got selected for UKG. We realized the contribution of this preschool when he saw so many disappointed and disheartened parents returning back with tears in their eyes.

Our sincere thanks to kind teachers, focused management and lovely support staff.
All the best and lots of success for Tenderfoot Preschool.

An appropriate place to place the tender foot

This is no flattery but words from sheer experience. My granddaughter, Agneya Rai joined the nursery section of this school at the age of 2 ½ yrs. Then she was promoted to Mont-1, the next year. In this span of 2yrs, she was so well trained and groomed. She could perform on stage; speak publicly on a topic, draw, color and so many other things besides her academics. On the whole it was an attempt to develop the child totally.

She could not continue her Mont-2 here as she joined her parents in Dubai and she is admitted to a school there. With great pride i would like to say that when we took her for interview, she faced very well. There was a written examination in Maths and English. There were 7 worksheets. She scored 100/100. We were so happy we attributed this credit to the school and a big salute to its teachers Ms. Malini and Ms. Sandhya. A special thanks to Mr. Glen Patrao for his ever encouraging attitude. A big thank you from the whole family of Ms. Agneya. May the school reach its pinnacle of glory.

May the school reach its pinnacle of glory.

Ms. P. M. Shetty

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